sorry-dong-dong asked:

Just coming by to say that people here saying that a team of mexicans (del Toro, Gutierrez) are "appropiating" mexican culture by being "stereotypically mexican" sounds HILARIOULSY WRONG WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? What is correcty latin@ and what is too latin@ coming from actual latinos? What is going on am I missing something?????

thisisnotlatinx answered:

Is not that del torro is appopriatng mexican culture himself but he isnt the only person who created the film, there were people who wrote the script and did the animations and casted the characters and did other parts to it and they all took an active role in creating the film and in appropriating mexican cuture and in perpetuating latinx and mesican stereotypes.

What del Torro is doing is creating a platform for people, especially children, to appropriate this specific part mexican culture. There will probably be halloween costumes of Maria and Manolo and I really do expect to see children in candy skull makeup running around. Not to mention all the advertisment nonsense that accompanies these types of films. He’s making it so that people, especially children, will watch the film and see day of the dead = cartoon and thats not okay. Just because he is Mexican does not give him the right to take something and make it trivial especially since its something that has important cultural/religious/traditional meaning to many people. Its offensive and people have a right to be offended.





Ugh, white washed, assimilated latinxs…

Ahahaha I’m fucking mexican living in Mexico all my life I live and study in Mexico I have traveled all around Mexico, don’t you fucking say lies about me, nerd.

im so glad people are suggesting that we just stop making culturally significant films with visible latin@ characters with heavy influence from latin@ culture because otherwise latin@s would apparently have no choice but to openly chastise literal children i guess? what the fuck is being said here. how can you determine if a holiday whose aesthetic was molded by goofy skeleton art intended to make light of death will be treated trivially when youve seen a 2 min trailer.
what is the alternative to what you’re suggesting? because if poc cant be visible out of a concern that white people will appropriate culture the only alternative is to stay invisible.

e: just a reminded that you are implying that a mexican born director and a mexican born producer are unsuited to create a film based on their own culture based on sheer conjecture and guesswork